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Digital / Color / 78 min / Nepal / 2019 / Documentary


Written, directed: Lander Ibarretxe and Aitor Sanchez Smith

Cinematographer: Lander Ibarretxe

Production company: Veredastudio, Nightwalk films

Sound: Diego Marques

Editor: Nestor Ares

Color: Fabian Matas

Music: David de la Varga, Rameshwor Maharjan 

Sound Mix: David de la Varga

Language: Nepali

Subtitles: eusk/cat/esp/ing

Location: Kathmandu, TatoPany


Currently in post production.


Balika tells the story of Dependra and Susmita, two teenagers living in an orphanage in Kathmandu. The protagonists, similar to their friends, were abandoned by their families. During the course of the film, they are forced to make decisions which they are not prepared for. Over the holiday period, Susmita will disown her family and Dipendra will take a journey into the past in search of answers.