Bilbao Mugimendu Etengabea

Film 16mm / Color / 3min / Bilbao / 2021 / Documentary


Written, directed: Lander Ibarretxe 

Cinematographer: Jorge Jasterretxea

Production company: Veredastudio

Sound: Sergio Guindos

Editor: Llucia Pla

Color: Jorge basterretxea

Music: Josu Ximun Billelabeitia

Sound Mix: David de la Varga

Graphic design: Julen Alberdi

Location: Bilbao


Currently in post production


Bilbao Mugimendu Etengabea (Bilbao constant movement) is a symphonic documentary that finds itself in the ceaseless evolution of Bilbao, it looks at the present and peers towards the futures that lie ahead. The camera wanders through the city's landscapes, accompanying real people with whom we discover the use of various spaces beyond their original design.